Punters: How Paddy Power Bet Billions and Changed Gambling Forever

Punters: How Paddy Power Bet Billions and Changed Gambling Forever

The story of Paddy Power’s growth from a small chain of Irish bookies to the biggest gambling company in the world...

Format: Paperback (416 pages). 

Audiobook (9hrs 15 mins).

Author: Arron Rogan (Audiobook narrated by Aiden Kelly)

 Publisher: Harper Collins (Ireland)

Reviewed: January 2023 

Listened to this in audiobook format. All 9 hours and 15 minutes of it and wished there was more! It's the full-blown, warts and all, unadulterated story of how Paddy Power grew from a small chain of Irish bookies and their mission to stop the big British betting chains taking over in Ireland, to becoming one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. 

How from very small beginnings, they single-handedly changed the face of both the high street and online gambling worlds. The story exposes the totally unrelenting approach they took to all aspects of the organisation. How they forced other local bookmakers to sell up or fold. How the infamous 'Ministry of Mischief' department was formed and operated. To bringing in the 'Rocket Scientist' geeks with the advent of the Internet. How they ruthlessly harvested and used customer data and information to wring out the maximum amount of profit from each and every one of them.

 It also covers the darker side of the gambling business and the personal misery it can cause. It is a superb publication. Entertaining, informative, educational, and at times humorous. An absolute must read for anyone who has an interest in the betting / gambling business in today's digital world.

In our opinion an absolute must read!

Racecourse Advisor Overall Rating:  10/10.