Might Bite - The Secret Life of a Gambling Addict

Hardcover: 256 Pages  

Paperback (256 pages)

Audiobook (7hrs 20 mins)

Author: Patrick Foster (Audiobook narrated by Ben Higgins)

Publisher: Bloomsbury Sport 2022

Reviewed: July 2024

Might Bite is a revelatory account of crippling dependence and the seeds of recovery, as well as a scathing critique of contemporary gambling culture. It is the harrowing tale of a man who was driven to the brink by his gambling addiction.

This is a shocking account of a life that pathological gambling addiction had secretly destroyed, as well as the initial steps towards putting the pieces back together. Patrick Foster led a double life for over 12 years. He was popular and outgoing. A young teacher, a former professional cricketer, and had a lovely girlfriend and loving family. He was also turning 31. However, he was concealing a crippling gambling addiction from even those who were closest to him.

Huge bets had resulted in enormous debt, thousands of lies, and mental health problems, that drove him to the edge of the platform at Slough railway station in March 2018, where he was seconds away from committing suicide. In the same month, while his students were taking a mock exam in front of him, he had turned a £30 bet into £28,000 before losing £58,000 on a single horse. Might Bite, in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Each year, more than 1.4 million people in the UK alone struggle with gambling addiction. The problem is widespread and getting worse as the gambling population ages. More women bet daily, and the industry’s value exceeds £14 billion. This book investigates the causes. 

A recommended read from Racecourse Advisor.

Racecourse Advisor Overall Rating: 7/10.